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5th June
written by DouglasRogers

Southern Africa to be precise.  Lured by the promise of easy living and a deep porch, we’ve decided to look below the Mason-Dixon for a new home.

I’m keen to go deep – Georgia or Louisiana. She rolls her Yankee eyes and says somewhere in-between. So we’re in now North Carolina for a week, seeing “the  other country” . Right now we’re at the Carolina Inn, Chapel Hill. My wife won’t exactly say it, but she expected Deliverance.  It’s more Gone with the Wind.  Fancy south.  Smells good too. Lilies, pine, tobacco earth. We’re heading down for tea and blue-grass music now.  I might have a Julep. I’m all for the cliches. There’s a big wedding party arriving. I reckon a Confederate general might walk in.

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