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6th September
written by DouglasRogers
  • went to random house to collect and sign finished books today! they look clean and shiny as a lozenge – woo-hoo! thanks to all at crown. #
  • Trade press reviews are in. Got some scorchers. Publishers Weekly gave starred review: Rogers moves between two worlds with wit and grace… #
  • …Angst, humor, beauty and terror mingle freely in his narrative… #
  • Rousing memoir should win over anyone with a taste for exotic can’t-go-home-again stories. #
  • From dollars and diamonds to pot and prostitution, Rogers shows what survival
    looks like when your government loses its collective mind… #
  • Brilliantly funny and wry. – Booklist #
  • Eye-opening memoir weaving violent Zimbabwean politics with the camaraderie and fearlessness of a family in crisis. – Kirkus #
  • @Rat_Bastard in reply to Rat_Bastard #
  • @Rat_Bastard – great site. you are not supposed to go to… zimbabwe: diamonds, guns, drugs, brothels and er, bridge in reply to Rat_Bastard #
  • Just done the acknowledgments for South African edition of book. Who did I leave out…? #
  • In HSBC. Overheard manager asking Japanese family about their dinner at Luger’s. Hell, yeah. #
  • Got a box of my books at home. Keep looking inside to check they’re there. Frog looks amazing. Well done Tom, Ahmer! #
  • Signed 50 books in office of editor at Random House. Writing hand got sore. Need to come up with inscription other than “with appreciation” #
  • Sending books and writing letters to ten celebs, including Charlize, Leo and Matt Damon. Debs wants them at the launch. Anyone know ‘em? #
  • Making You Tube ad for the book with the genius Mike Long. It’s outrageous and funny. Like book! Up soon. #
  • Best coffee in New York: Think. Think. Think. #
  • reading from @time

    my first review – and it’s a corker! off to get drunk. #

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